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RAID: World War II – Update 19 Release!

Raiders! Time has come, Update 19 is here! We really hope that you enjoy the new additions, changes and fixes to the game. Remember to keep us posted on any feedback or issues that you find in the forums, or come join us on our discord for good chats with helpful people.

We have been working really hard on this, and we really hope that you like it. Below is the change log for the 19:th Update of RAID. Enjoy!

Update 19 change log:

  • Added the "Kelly" raid into the game
  • Added the "Decoy coin" as a new throwable ( Unlocks: Recon: 7, Assault: 12, Insurgent: 11, Demolition: 15 )
  • Added the "Welrod" as a new secondary ( Unlocks: Recon: 19, Assault: 22, Insurgent: 20, Demolition: 23 )
  • All classes can now unlock all tier 4 weapon upgrades ( No longer locked by class )
  • Added Mrs White lines to the "Countdown" raid
  • Added Briefings and intel VO for the "Countdown" raid
  • Added buckets to practice coin throws in the camp
  • Added Jeff to credits ( Hi Jeff! )

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where notification in the inventory screen for secondaries would stay permanent
  • Enemies no longer alert enemies around them if they die while suspicious ( Yellow icon )
  • Fixed some VO related issues on "Countdown"
  • Fixed Lee Enfield reload speed to better fit the reload animation
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in online play
  • Fixed some models that had issues with their LOD
  • Fixed fences that AI could not see through before
  • Multiple collision fixes across multiple levels
  • Multiple navigation fixes across multiple levels (mostly for optimization)

  • Enemy guard now spot dead bodies easier
  • Health pickups now drop more often from dead enemies on higher difficulties
  • The damage from the Kar98 enemies has been lowered
  • Commander spawn rate on Hard and Very hard is lowered
  • Lowered the amount of enemies across all difficulties slightly
  • Lowered amount of enemies per wave slightly ( more noticable on higher difficulties)
  • Flamer health slightly increased ( From 2000 to 2250 )
  • Enemies will now try to keep a longer distance and not rush the players as much
  • Changed the launch speed of the M24 ( to 350 )

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