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RAID: World War II – Update 18

Hey Raiders!

Welcome to this week’s update!

On our newsletter this week we let you know what the bug fixes were, but we wanted to add a little surprise also.

For this week you also get the Browning Auto 5!

Designed as a rapid-fire weapon, it adds extra “blammo” fire power to the Demolition and Insurgent classes. To compensate for the rapid fire, the weapon holds 5 shells but with a starting total held ammo count of 20.

Of course, through using the Proficiencies and Weapon Upgrades you will be able to increase and find the combination that works for you!

The Browning Auto 5 unlocks for the following classes:

• Demolition at Level 33
• Insurgent at Level 40

Other bug fixes:

• Added Controller key binds for weapon skills, and toggling weapon cosmetics
• Fixed a bug where enemies health was inflating every time a level was loaded
• Fixed team AI being stun locked
• Changed all clothing customization to be also purchasable with gold (except items that came as special content)
• Changed multiplier for proficiency respec cost so it’s cheaper and cost scales lower

As always, we love your feedback so continue to talk to us!
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