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Console Update #1

Hey Raiders!

Today we extend a big welcome to the Americas as they join the fight! We’re additionally looking forward for the next push with the rest of the world joining tomorrow, October 13th.

We wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the fixes we’re currently working on as well as the contents of the coming patch.


CE-36434-0 error on PS4

We’re working with partners trying to solve the issue causing some PlayStation owners to receive error code CE-36434-0, preventing players from updating the game.

If you receive this error message, don’t hesitate to contact us on twitter @RAIDWW2, let us know what region you’re in and if your copy of RAID: WWII was purchased through digital download or on disc. This will greatly help us in finding and eliminating the issue.


Future Console Patch 1.03 plan

  • Further performance optimization
  • Further crash fixes
  • Controller enhancement
  • Level art improvement
  • New weapon to be added
  • Enemies and AI improvements
  • And more…


Patch 1.01 and 1.02

These were deployed immediately upon release and are a mandatory update for all players. These mainly fix framerate and crash issues previously fixed on PC. Read full patch notes here.

For further updates, follow us on social media and here on the web.

Looking for console support?

Feel free to hit us up on our Support. Please note that PC support is managed through the Steam forums.

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